Cochrane CENTRAL & CAFÉ (Communication Access Framework and Evidence): Creating a Code Set of Factors in the ICF in Interventions For Both Patients And Providers.

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Background: Patients with communication vulnerabilities and their providers struggle to communicate in healthcare settings, and this can impact negatively upon patient safety, satisfaction, and quality of care. In December 2010, interventions aiming to improve communication in healthcare settings between patients with communication vulnerabilities and their healthcare providers were located in CENTRAL and coded according to the target of the intervention being the patient and/or the provider (see Hemsley et al., 2011). From this set, 75 trials were selected as targeting the patient and/or the provider.

Objectives: To develop a Code Set of Factors within the ICF from 75 studies located in CENTRAL aiming to improve communication between patients with communication vulnerability and health providers in clinical settings.

Method: For each trial report, 2 raters independently coded the interventions in the trials according to factors in the ICF.

Results: Development of the Code Set of Factors in the ICF For Interventions Aiming To Improve Patient Provider Communication will be completed by September 2012. Results will be displayed as the Code Set (numbered items) and arranged as a graphic model of factors.

Conclusions: The resulting Code Set of Factors for Interventions Aimed at Patients and/or Providers will be used to guide data extraction in evidence mapping and systematic reviews of studies on communication between communicatively vulnerable populations and their providers in clinical settings.

Hemsley, B., Worrall, L., Kis-Rigo, J., O’Halloran, R., & Hill, S. (2011). Cochrane CENTRAL & CAFÉ (Communication Access Framework and Evidence): Locating intervention studies on clinical communication for communicatively vulnerable populations. Cochrane Colloquium, Madrid, 19-22 October 2011.

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Hemsley B1, Worrall E1, Kis-Rigo J1, O’Halloran R1, Hill S2
1 The University of Newcastle, Australia
2 La Trobe University, Australia
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Bronwyn Hemsley
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Bronwyn Hemsley (Contact this person) The University of Newcastle Australia