Online learning materials for Cochrane review authors: demonstration and results from the piloting

Abstract text
As part of joint funding from the Cochrane Collaboration and University of Portsmouth, we have been developing a suite of online learning materials(OLM) for Cochrane review authors, based on the methods outlined in the handbook, and to complement face-to-face training. The OLM are being released via the website, and are accessible to anybody with an Archie log-in.

1)To present the suite of online learning materials, to demonstrate the content coverage, style, and interactivity.
2)To feedback on the results of the piloting undertaken for each module.

Each module has been developed in collaboration between members of the UK Cochrane Centre, and the University of Portsmouth, with methodological and peer review by members of the wider Cochrane Collaboration, prior to being signed off by the Training Working Group. As part of the development, beta-versions of each module were released for piloting by novice, intermediate, and advanced review authors, as well as Managing Editors and other entity staff.

Here we will present the results of the pilots (undertaken between March – July 2012), which covered: (1) usability testing; (2) open questions on likes and dislikes; and (3) changes in feelings of confidence about the various components of doing a systematic review, as a result of attempting the online module.

We hope this project will contribute to the continued development of Cochrane review authors, and contribute to the range of resources that Cochrane review authors can rely on, as part of undertaking a systematic review.
Drahota A1, Trivella M1, Dewey A2, Dean T2, Tovey D3
1 UK Cochrane Centre
2 University of Portsmouth
3 Cochrane Editorial Unit
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Amy Drahota
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Marialena Trivella (Contact this person) UK Cochrane Centre United Kingdom
Amy Drahota (Contact this person) University of Portsmouth United Kingdom
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Oral session C17O1
Wednesday 3 October 2012 - 11:00 - 11:20