Promoting Evidence-based Healthcare in South Asia and other low and middle income countries: An attempt to formulate a reliable framework

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Abstract text
South Asia, incredibly diverse in terms of language, religion, tradition, cultural practice, and various other aspects, is a unique part of the world. Home to over 15% of the world’s population, and nearly 35% of Asia’s population, it is the second poorest region in the world.
How can evidence-based healthcare, as advocated by the Collaboration, be promoted in this world of daunting challenges like hunger, malnutrition and child mortality?

This presentation attempts to formulate the best tools for promoting and disseminating Evidence-based Medicine in South Asia, and other and middle-income countries faced with similar challenges.

In order to arrive at an answer, the following may be looked at:
1) the socio-psychological factors involved in the process by which South Asians make decisions with regard to healthcare;
2) health campaigns, founded on Evidence, that have been successfully undertaken in the region by NGOs;
3) statistics that will throw light on the efficacy of print and broadcast media, and social networking sites, as tools to promote Evidence-based Medicine in this setting.

The discoveries thrown up by the above exercise would be synthesized in order to make a framework for dissemination activities as well evaluation of their impact.

In conclusion, the South Asian Cochrane Centre’s methods and modes of dissemination would be critically appraised.
Joseph A1, Easow Mathew M1, Cherian A1, Thomas George A1, Kirubakaran R1
1 South Asian Cochrane Network and Centre, India
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Presenting author: 
Anna Joseph
Contact person Affiliation Country
Manu Easow Mathew (Contact this person) South Asian Cochrane Network and Centre India
Ann Cherian (Contact this person) South Asian Cochrane Network and Center India
Aneesh Thomas George (Contact this person) South Asian Cochrane Centre India
Richard Kirubakaran (Contact this person) South Asian Cochrane Network and Centre India