What can a trial registry do for you? The Pan African Clinical Trials Registry: a resource for Cochrane authors

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Cochrane review authors face difficulties identifying ongoing trials in regions where trial registries are newly developing or do not exist. The Pan African Clinical Trials Registry (PACTR: www.pactr.org) provides a platform to prospectively register clinical trials conducted in Africa as the first World Health Organization endorsed primary register in the region. PACTR can provide reviewers with:
1. Information on ongoing trials, not-yet-published;
2. Information on the trial landscape in a region / area/ country in Africa through the GIS mapping component (see attached map)
3. Contact details of collaborators or alternate contacts from those listed in publications increasing registry user’s ability to access authors of grey literature or unpublished trials.

To describe and demonstrate the value of searching PACTR for Cochrane review authors

We extracted data including disease and intervention from PACTR on 1 April 2012. We then searched the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (CDSR) 2012, Issue 3 (on 12 April) for reviews or protocols evaluating interventions reported in registered trials.

Of 99 trials registered on www.pactr.org, 68 are randomized controlled trials of efficacy. We identified trials evaluating treatments (40), prevention interventions (21), diagnostic (4), supportive care (2) and one educational/training trial. The CDSR search identified 32 reviews and 15 protocols where data from the above ongoing trials would be eligible for inclusion. Twenty-four trials were identified in the registry that had no corresponding review highlighting potential review topics.

www.pactr.org is a free, useful tool for identifying ongoing African trials to be included in updates of reviews, for assessing topics where reviews should be undertaken, and as a networking tool for review authors seeking further information or unpublished research.
Abrams A1, Pienaar E2, Kredo T2
1 Pan African Clinical Trials Registry, South African Cochrane Centre
2 Pan African Clinical Trials Registry working group, South African Cochrane Centre
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Elizabeth Pienaar
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Amber Abrams (Contact this person) South African Cochrane Centre South Africa
Elizabeth Pienaar (Contact this person) South African Cochrane Centre Medical Research Council South Africa
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