Plenary 2 - Producing the best evidence, delivering the greatest impact

Monday 1 October 2012 - 09:00 - 10:30

Chairs: Lorne Becker and Rachel Churchill

This plenary session has been arranged by the Cochrane Editorial Unit and brings together speakers who have a view on how to improve Cochrane Reviews so that they are producing the best evidence and delivering the greatest impact.

Julian Elliott –“Exploiting innovations in technology, including our existing systems, to improve the efficiency of review production”– 15 mins

Karla Soares Weiser –“How can Cochrane maintain and develop quality of its reviews whilst providing an excellent author experience?”– 15 mins

David Tovey –“Utility, impact and the editorial process: is it time for a radical re-think?”– 15 mins

Harriet MacLehose –“Implementing our strategic vision: progress and our work programmes”– 15 mins

Peter Tugwell –“How can we deliver knowledge to decision makers globally and more effectively?”– 15 mins

Questions and Discussion 15 mins