Development of a CONSORT Extension for Complex Social Interventions

Tuesday 2 October 2012 - 15:30 - 17:00
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Contact person Affiliation Country
Paul Montgomery (Contact this person) Centre for Evidence Based Intervention, University of Oxford United Kingdom
Sean Grant (Contact this person) Centre for Evidence Based Intervention, University of Oxford United Kingdom
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Intended audience: 
Researchers and methodologists with experience in reporting guidelines and systematic reviews/primary evaluation studies of complex social interventions
Closed or open meeting: 
To discuss the ongoing development of a new CONSORT Extension for randomised controlled trials (RCTs) evaluating complex social interventions.

Many interventions in criminology, education, psychology, public health, social work, and related fields are complex. Understanding RCTs of these complex social interventions requires detailed reports of the interventions tested and the methods used to evaluate them; however, trial reports often omit important information. Inferior reporting hinders proper critical appraisal and synthesis of trials in systematic reviews, thereby impeding the effective transfer of research evidence to policy and practice decision-making. A new reporting guideline is needed to address this issue in complex intervention research.

This meeting will discuss the ongoing development of a CONSORT extension for reporting RCTs of complex social interventions. The meeting will begin with a review of (a) previous reporting guidelines for and (b) the current reporting quality of complex social intervention trials. Next, we will present the project plan for developing and disseminating this CONSORT Extension. These presentations will serve as the foundation for a discussion with meeting participants about (a) potential items to include in the guideline and (b) stakeholders to recruit for its development and dissemination.