The expansion of the Cochrane review model: Enhancements, broader questions, different types of reviews

Wednesday 3 October 2012 - 12:30 - 13:30
Gallery Lounge
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Jackie Chandler (Contact this person) Cochrane Editorial Unit United Kingdom
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Intended audience: 
Those with interests in, or views of, systematic review methods beyond the standard Cochrane model.
Closed or open meeting: 
This meeting is being organised by the methods co-ordinator and is part of the CEU programme of work. It will discuss the follow up plans to develop processes for evaluating the current and proposed non-standard review types (e.g. prognosis reviews) and enhancements currently in development within Cochrane e.g. inclusion of qualitative or economic data, and reviews addressing broader questions such as the implementation of interventions.
Special requests: laptop for powerpoint and micro phones