Open meeting to discuss development of a Centres website template in the Entity Website Builder

Monday 1 October 2012 - 07:30 - 08:45
Regatta D
Contact person
Contact person Affiliation Country
Chris Mavergames (Contact this person) Cochrane Collaboration Webteam Germany
Lorne Becker (Contact this person) SUNY Upstate Medical University USA
Meeting details
Intended audience: 
Those responsible for maintaining Centre websites
Closed or open meeting: 
Centre websites are like "mini cochrane.orgs" for their country or region. Over the last few years, Centres have requested new functionality and options be added to the Entity Website Builder system that now powers over 110 Cochrane entity websites.

The Web Team is looking to expand the functionality of the Entity Website Builder to include a new, more-powerful and flexible Centres template. We'd like input on the specifications and technical requirements for new features, functionality and layout options from as many Cochrane Centres as possible. Please come to this open planning and discussion meeting to give us your ideas.