Guidelines and Recommendations for E-Posters

This year for the first time, the Colloquium posters will be displayed on twenty screens at the venue, instead of having printed posters on poster boards. The screens are manually menu driven which enables participants to click onto the author of the Poster. On site, there are instructions at each screen to enable you to zoom in on the poster if necessary. This means that all posters will be able to be viewed by all of the twenty screens at any time during the Colloquium.

Making an E-Poster has virtually the same requirements as that of a printed poster only it is presented electronically.

Readability and clarity of this type of poster is paramount. It needs to be eye-catching and graphically enhancing.  Bright colours are often eye catching, but ensure that on bright and light colours the font type is dark rather than light.  If using a light background, ensure that the font type is dark and vice versa.

Page layout and text format
The layout must be portrait format, and it is recommended that you use an easily read font such as Aerial, Helvetica or Calibri. The font size will be determined by the amount of content that you produce, but it is suggested that your font size is no smaller that 10pt. Do not reduce the kerning of the typeface from anything other than standard. Single line spacing is the minimum requirement.

For pictures ensure that these are no less than 150dpi when inserted into the presentation. This will retain the clarity and colour of the originals.

File format and name
Poster files must be sent in PDF format. No other file formats can be accepted.

When you save and name the file that you are sending, please place your surname first followed by a dash (-) and then add the title of your poster, i.e. the file name should be saved as follows: Your surname - Title of your poster. Example: Beller - PRISMA for reporting systematic reviews in journal and conference abstracts.

To check that your poster will be displayed correctly once you have made it into a .pdf file use the zoom tool to zoom in at 400% and this will show you how it will be presented on a 50” plasma screen. 

Where to send you poster
Please send your posters to Paul Walker at The deadline for sending posters is 1 September 2012.

Please also refer any questions to Paul Walker,