Provisional Plenary Sessions*

Opening Plenary - Rational thinking about health care 
Sunday 30th September 2012, 17:00-18:00

Chairs: Sally Green and Jeremy Grimshaw

Can we trust the research that we use to guide health care decisions? This opening plenary session will introduce the concepts of transparency in health care decisions and also reflect on how important reliable evidence is for consumers. 

Richard Smith: “Transparency in health care decisions - possible or a pipe dream?”

Catherine Marshall: Cochrane evidence: a credible source for consumers and policy”


Plenary 2 - Producing the best evidence, delivering the greatest impact
Monday 1st October 2012, 09:00-10:30

Chairs: Lorne Becker and Rachel Churchill

This plenary session has been arranged by the Cochrane Editorial Unit and brings together speakers who have a view on how to improve Cochrane Reviews so that they are producing the best evidence and delivering the greatest impact.

Julian Elliott: “Exploiting innovations in technology, including our existing systems, to improve the efficiency of review production”

Karla Soares Weiser: “How can Cochrane maintain and develop quality of its reviews whilst providing an excellent author experience?” 

David Tovey: “Utility, impact and the editorial process: is it time for a radical re-think?” 

Harriet MacLehose: “Implementing our strategic vision: progress and our work programmes” 

Peter Tugwell: “How can we deliver knowledge to decision makers globally and more effectively?”


Plenary 3 -  Beyond healthcare decisions: systematic reviews as a tool for informing future research and research methodology
Tuesday 2nd October 2012, 09:00-10:30

Chairs: Jo McKenzie and Peter Herbison

This plenary session has a methodological and statistical focus and is seeking to inform the Collaboration about how systematic reviews may inform future research and research methodology.

Julian Higgins: “Cochrane reviews and the development of systematic review methodology”

Professor Thomas Lumley: "Personalized medicine: effects on patients, effects on researchers, effects on policy"

Georgia Salanti: "The use of network meta-analysis in Cochrane reviews: concerns and future directions"


Plenary 4 - It’s about connections
Wednesday 3rd October 2012, 09:00-10:30 

Chairs: Vanessa Jordan and Kay Dickersin

The Cochrane Collaboration is diverse and sometimes disjointed! This plenary session is focused on highlighting how the Collaboration needs to be well connected – with the people who deliver health care, those seeking health care, with the policy makers health care funders and with the media who report on health care.

Professor Bruce Arroll: “Connecting the knowledge: Pearls of wisdom”

Catherine McIlwain: “Connections in action”

Dr Ashley Bloomfield: “Connecting with policy makers”

Dr Norman Swan: “Connecting to the media


Closing Plenary - Better global health
Wednesday 3rd October 2012, 15:30-17:30

Chairs: Mark Jeffery and Lisa Bero

Global health is the greatest challenge of all. The Collaboration seeks to be a global organisation adding value in a diverse range of healthcare settings. This plenary will highlight the dilemmas that health care workers face in emergencies, explore drug purchasing challenges, outline the burden of too much evidence and will end with a reflection on how far we have come in 20 years.

Professor Mike Ardagh: “How could systematic reviews assist in emergency planning? Reflections from the quake zone of Canterbury”

Steffan Crausaz: “Lessons from how New Zealand has achieved value for money in drug purchasing”

Professor Rod Jackson: “Evidence: the modern epidemic”

Professor Jonathan Craig: “Almost 20 years of global evidence – did it help?”

Canadian Cochrane Centre - The hosts of the 2013 Cochrane Colloquium will present a personal invitation to join them in Quebec City, 19-23 September, 2013


*Subject to change