Below is the full Colloquium programme. For session descriptions and further details, click on the session titles. Sessions are open to all delegates unless marked 'Restricted' to a specific target audience.

Please note: You need to be logged in and registered to be able to sign up for sessions and create your personal schedule.

Workshop sign-up
Please note that most workshops have limited capacity, therefore participants are required to sign up for workshops to secure a place. You can also sign up for meetings, and add any other sessions to your personal schedule, but this is no requirement. To sign up for a workshop or to add a session to your schedule, click on the respective link at the right end of the session title. Presenters of workshops, meetings or abstracts cannot sign up for their own sessions, but they will appear automatically in their personal schedule.

Core workshops
Some workshops are marked as ‘Core’ workshops in the below listing. These workshops constitute a basic suite of training workshops likely to be relevant to anyone conducting a Cochrane intervention review.

Waiting list
If a workshop is already fully booked, you can add yourself to the waiting list. You will then automatically be signed up for it, should a place become available. You will also be notified by email, in this case.

Your personal schedule
After you have signed up for workshops and other sessions, you can view and print your personal schedule. Your own meetings, workshops or abstracts as well as any plenaries, lunches and coffee breaks appear automatically in your personal schedule. Social events are only displayed in your schedule if you registered for them. You can add private meetings to your schedule by creating a personal note, and you can also share these personal notes with other participants. You will receive an email if someone else shares a personal note with you, and the personal note will appear in your schedule automatically.

There won't be any dedicated poster sessions this year, therefore these do not appear in the below schedule. Attendees will be able to view all posters at any time on ten dedicated plasma screens. You can view the full list of posters here.

Room assignments
Rooms will only be assigend to sessions in September, after which they will be added to your personal schedule automatically.

Session changes
In case of any changes to any session that you signed up for, you will be notified by email.

Registration for satellite workshops
Please note that adding a satellite workshop to your schedule does not mean that you are registered for it. All satellite workshops require separate registration, details on how to register can be found in the respective workshop description.


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