Complex reviews 2: Unpacking implementation factors and practical approaches to data extraction, analysis and synthesis

Topic category Other methods for preparing systematic reviews
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Tuesday 2 October 2012 - 13:30 - 15:00
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Rebecca Armstrong (Contact this person) University of Melbourne Australia
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Rebecca Armstrong University of Melbourne Australia
Jodie Doyle Cochrane Public Health Group Australia
Elizabeth Waters Cochrane Public Health Group Australia
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Cochrane EPOC Group
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Authors of complex systematic reviews, researchers who wish to understand the implications of reporting study findings
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This workshop will present a range of strategies for understanding and presenting information about what works, for whom, why and at what cost in systematic reviews.

Complexity is an issue that is of increasing interest to the Cochrane Collaboration and methods are being considered and developed to help authors produce reviews of relevance to a broader audience. There are a number of challenges associated with conducting reviews of complex interventions. Understanding how interventions are implemented becomes crucial in illuminating links between implementation (to whom, why, in what circumstances and at what cost) and an intervention's effectiveness. End-users are also interested in implementation factors when assessing their applicability and transferability in a particular context.

In this workshop we present case studies that demonstrate approaches and tools used for data extraction in existing reviews. We then identify how this data can be used in systematic reviews to present useful information about the interventions to guide analysis and support decision-making. Participants are encouraged to bring examples of data extraction tools and to share their experiences in using implementation data to guide analysis and synthesis.