Complex reviews 3: Applying the GRADE criteria and presenting findings using 'Summary of Findings' tables

Topic category Knowledge translation and communicating evidence
Date and Location
Wednesday 3 October 2012 - 13:30 - 15:00
Contact persons and facilitators
Contact person Affiliation Country
Belinda Burford (Contact this person) Cochrane Public Health Group Australia
Facilitator Affiliation Country
Belinda Burford Cochrane Public Health Group Australia
Rebecca Armstrong University of Melbourne Australia
Elizabeth Waters Cochrane Public Health Group Australia
Holger Schunemann McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario Canada
Tara Horvath Cochrane HIV/AIDS Group (University of California, San Francisco) USA
Nancy Santesso Applicability and Recommendations Methods Group, Consumers and Communication Review Group Canada
Target audience
Target audience: 
Review authors (of complex reviews)
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Type of workshop
Type of workshop: 
Abstract text
1. To discuss a framework for creating 'Summary of Findings' tables (SoF) and applying GRADE criteria in summarising a body of evidence in complex reviews.
2. To canvass issues specific to complex reviews that may inform an ongoing Cochrane Collaboration project on enhancing acceptance and implementation of SoF in Cochrane Reviews.

Guidance to create SoF and apply the GRADE criteria is provided in the Cochrane Handbook and by the GRADE Working Group. Some Cochrane reviews, particularly those of health promotion and public health interventions (e.g. 'Housing interventions for improved health and social outcomes' or 'Fortification of rice with vitamins and minerals for improved maternal and child nutrition') present particular challenges, due to diversity and heterogeneity in the participants, interventions and/or outcomes.

This workshop will engage participants in discussion about their experiences summarising evidence in complex reviews. The GRADE criteria and SoF format will be presented with a discussion about how these might be incorporated within complex reviews. Examples of SoF and GRADE assessment from complex reviews will be shared and discussed. Participants are encouraged to bring examples of ways that they have summarised findings and assessed the quality of a body of evidence in a complex review.