How to ask an answerable question for health care and health research: For consumers

Topic category Consumer issues and shared decision making
Date and Location
Monday 1 October 2012 - 13:30 - 15:00
Contact persons and facilitators
Contact person Affiliation Country
Nancy Fitton (Contact this person) US Cochrane Center USA
Facilitator Affiliation Country
Kay Dickersin US Cochrane Center USA
Mingming Zhang Chinese Cochrane Centre China
Nancy Fitton US Cochrane Center USA
Catherine McIlwain Consumer Coordinator, The Cochrane Collaboration United Kingdom
Sandra Walsh California Breast Cancer Organizations / Y-ME and NBCC USA
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Abstract text
To gain hands-on experience developing answerable research questions.

In many countries, those performing systematic reviews ask consumers to contribute to priority setting or to review and comment on topics as they are refined. Because consumers and clinical researchers often do not ‘speak the same language’, consumer questions may be ignored or given a lower priority rank. This workshop is based on materials from the online course Understanding Evidence-based Healthcare: A Foundation for Action (see, Module 2), including framing the components of a question, with opportunities to practise with examples. In preparation for the workshop, we will ask participants to submit research questions they would like to see answered, and we will encourage them to complete the online course.

In the workshop, we will:
1. Break into workgroups to develop answerable questions from those submitted;
2. Report back to the larger group the questions each group developed; and
3. Comment on the developed questions to refine the topics as would occur in a 'topic refinement' or peer review setting.