RevMan 5.1 for Cochrane intervention review authors: How using all the new features can make life easier

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Tuesday 2 October 2012 - 15:30 - 17:00
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Elizabeth Pienaar (Contact this person) South African Cochrane Centre Medical Research Council South Africa
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Elizabeth Pienaar South African Cochrane Centre Medical Research Council South Africa
Joy Oliver South African Cochrane Centre South Africa
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South African Cochrane Centre
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Review authors and members of Cochrane Review Group editorial teams
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The purpose of this workshop is to demonstrate the enhanced features of RevMan 5.1 to review authors and provide an opportunity for participants to practice the steps themselves.

Review Manager (RevMan) is the Cochrane Collaboration’s own software, which is developed to assist review authors in writing systematic reviews in the Cochrane format. The latest version, RevMan 5.1, has been updated with a host of new and improved features. Many of the text editing features have been improved, such as extended text character support, including Arabic and Chinese. Multiple links can be added with fewer clicks of the mouse.

New features to enhance data entry and analysis include a Calculator tool as well as quick toolbar buttons for switching between effect measures. The Risk of Bias domains and descriptions have been reworded and items can now be reordered. It is now also possible to edit Summary of Findings (SoF) tables within RevMan. A PRISMA flow-diagram to show the flow of references through a review can be created within RevMan

During this practical session participants will be shown how to use the software and get hands-on experience.