Translating critical appraisal of a systematic review to meaningful peer review

Topic category Editorial processes and supporting review authors
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Wednesday 3 October 2012 - 13:30 - 15:00
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Kristina Lindsley (Contact this person) Cochrane Eyes and Vision Group, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health USA
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Richard Wormald Cochrane Eyes and Vision Group United Kingdom
Kristina Lindsley Cochrane Eyes and Vision Group, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health USA
Tianjing Li US Cochrane Center, Cochrane Eyes and Vision Group USA
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US Cochrane Center, US
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Cochrane Eyes and Vision Group, US
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Cochrane Eyes and Vision Group, UK
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Individuals who are involved or interested in peer review of systematic reviews
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To describe the steps and expectations for peer review of a systematic review, to provide useful resources for peer review, and to help participants translate critical appraisal into meaningful feedback that can be used by authors and editors to improve manuscript quality.

During the workshop we will present an overview of the peer review process and what is expected of peer reviewers. We will introduce and provide participants with useful tools for peer review, such as the Collaboration’s Good Practice documents, reporting standard checklists, and links to web-based training. As a practice exercise, participants will work in small groups to critically appraise a systematic review. Together, we will work to translate each group’s feedback into meaningful peer review comments, identify better ways to structure and phrase comments so as to be helpful to authors and editors, and discuss common issues that arise during the peer review process. Facilitators of the workshop will include editors for both Cochrane and non-Cochrane publications.