Using MECIR standards in developing and evaluating Cochrane Reviews of interventions

Topic category Editorial processes and supporting review authors
Date and Location
Monday 1 October 2012 - 13:30 - 15:00
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Toby Lasserson (Contact this person) Cochrane Editorial Unit United Kingdom
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Jackie Chandler Cochrane Editorial Unit United Kingdom
Toby Lasserson Cochrane Editorial Unit United Kingdom
David Tovey Cochrane Editorial Unit United Kingdom
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Cochrane Depression, Anxiety & Neurosis Group,UK
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MRC Biostatistics Unit, UK
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Cochrane Training Co-ordinator, Australia
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Cochrane Review Group editorial base staff, review authors, Cochrane editors
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Abstract text
To provide participants with practical guidance on using Methodological Expectations of Cochrane Intervention Review (MECIR) standards in conducting, writing and editing Cochrane Reviews.

This workshop will focus on the application of the MECIR standards. Participants will be encouraged to draw on their own experience of review or editorial processes. The workshop will comprise three parts:
• A background presentation on the development of the current set of conduct and reporting standards.
• Practical small group exercises involving the use of standards. The exercise will involve discussion of various sections of text from Cochrane Reviews. The groups will be given examples where the optimal approach to review conduct and reporting are well-established, as well as areas where there is less consensus and more than one approach is justifiable.
• A discussion of strategies to improve uptake and familiarity with the standards and consider different ways in which they can be applied in developing and evaluating reviews.  

We intend that participants will gain knowledge of the standards and how they can be incorporated in to the development or evaluation of reviews. The facilitators will also use this session as a feedback forum on the application of the standards.